Henk van Zuiden & Dalai (c) Marjolijn den BoerBiography in a nutshell

Poet, anthology editor and animal protectionist Henk van Zuiden was born on Sunday 7th January 1951 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. As the seventh son he brought up the rear of a family that also counted five daughters among its ranks. His mother was a hard-working, kindly and righteous housewife, his father ran a small but renowned granito and terrazzo ware company.

At the age of twenty-five, Henk van Zuiden went to live in The Hague, where he still resides in the suburb of Loosduinen, together with his partner and dog, Dalai.

He worked for part-time for Proefdiervrij (an organisation against the use of lab animals like BUAV). Now he starts with a new concept in 2013: Poems at funaral services.
In 1981 the first anthology of prose and poetry edited by him appeared, entitled: Message For The Happy Rambler (Bericht voor de kalme wandelaar). To be followed two years later by his debut as a poet: Monument For Mother (Monument voor moeder). Formely publisher '521' has published his poetry anthologies of the Dutch cities of Utrecht, Groningen and The Hague.
Together with visual artists such as Rob de Graaf, Ellen van Toor and Ilja Walraven he regularly produces poetry cards, books, silk screen prints and other projects.

in the Meije-garden (The Hague, Holland)


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